I am grateful to the Passionists for what I am – is a common feeling shared by everyone who has been with the Passionists for some time. There are a number of ways in which the Passionist formation has influenced the lives of the former students. The major ones would be the devotion to the passion of Christ, character development, direction in life, and English language competency. Almost all the students who have left the Passionist way of living comeback to Ashram JXP whenever they can to cherish the memories and bein touch. Consequently a need for coming together regularly dawned in the minds of a few former students.

The idea was welcomed and a wholehearted support was extended by Fr. Antony Xavier CP, Fr Paul Cherukoduth CP and Fr. Junesh Vakapadath CP. This loose association of the Passionist alumni established in 2011 is called ‘Friends of theCrucified’. The aim is to foster the friendship and continue to grow in the Passionistality. Gatherings are held once a year after Easter. All the Indian Passionists are making it a point to be in touch with at least their own batch mates who have left by calling them or meeting them or inviting them to important functions.The former students make an effort to stay connected.

The Passionists in India have come a long way. Started as a small mission, and then became a Vicariate and now a Vice-Province. In the journey many foreign priests have come and gone, many students have come and gone, many incidents have come and gone, but the Passionist Charism stays forever.