Ashram J.X.P. is the cradle of our Vice Province, our first community residence and seminary in India, beginning in 1981. Our seminary is named after our own St. Gabriel. We are a formation community and that remains our primary focus.

Our communityis the combined community of Professed and Students. We gather every morning for the Divine Office, Meditation and Holy Eucharist. In the evening we come again for Evening Prayer, Rosary, and Meditation. Every Wednesday after Morning Mass is Novena to St Gabriel and Saturday Morning is Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novena. First Friday of each month is all day Adoration. Wednesday evening we have the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Way of the Cross every Friday. Our prayer and Worship keeps drawing as together, centers us in Christ, and holds us together as a Community of Brothers. We celebrate local and national Holidays and with special solemnity, we celebrate the patron of our seminary (St. Gabriel) with a three day feast, sponsored by various benefactors. Many of our neighbors and friends join us for daily and Sunday Mass.

Our community has been quite consistent with community meetings held at least monthly. These meetings help us to plan and co-ordinate community activities and events, so that each of us can become more involve and know what is happening. Through these meetings the community has come to a certain amount of trust level which enables us to discuss at time difficult issues and come to some resolution

Our Primary Ministry is Formation. We also give Retreats to Sisters, Priests, Brothers, and Days of Recollection. We provide good service to our own Passionist Sisters. We celebrate Sunday Mass at two outside Parishes along with our own Chapel and weekly Novena at St. Jude Shrine. School Masses on Fist Fridays is a regular feature of our Ministry. Though we don’t have prescribed time for confessions, a number of religious and laity come for confession. At times our Cochin Community has become overstaffed with not enough Ministry. This can also lead to boredom and frustration within the community. Available Ministry should always be considered when assigning any member to our community.

We have both Latin and Syrian Rite candidates. The beginners have classes at the Ashram. Our 1st and 2nd Pre-Degree students attend St. Joseph Diocesan College. The students go home for Onam, Christmas, and Summer Holidays. The Professed have two Student Evaluations per year. Decision to accept students or to send any student home is made by the Professed members as a community. Basically there is a good sprit among the seminarians and between them and the Professed.


Our property is in a good location, easily accessible to Schools, Shopping, Hospitals, Public Transportation, etc. We are fortunate to both the seminary building and separate house for the professed which gives us some space and time apart from the students.


  • Our campus has four major buildings: Professed House, Seminary Building, Chapel, Old Chapel Building which is not used at present
  • On September 14, 2010 our St. Gabriel Jubilee Chapel was blessed by our Cochin Bishop Joseph Kariyil. It accommodates almost twice the number of people as our old chapel. The Chapel is now the Central focus of the Campus and is much appreciated by all. At the same time, we tiled the entire area around the Chapel.
  • The driveway has been tiled and a new beautiful entrance has been added including 3 small shrines to the Sacred Heart, Mary and St. Gabriel.
  • The entire Chapel fully runs by Solar Energy, and part of the Professed Residence.
  • We plan to have all three Buildings fully Solar in the near future.
  • We have just finished a rather extended renovation of our Passionist Residence.
  • All the asbestos ceilings were removed, all new wiring, plumbing, plastering and painting, inside and outside.
  • One concern is what to do with old chapel building. There are eight small rooms above the old chapel. Some have suggested a small hall for conferences, directed retreats, using the rooms above. To renovate would be a major project and financial output but could also be well worth it, for a viable Ministry.

We are extremely grateful to those first Pioneers, especially dear Father Walter, the First Superior of our Indian Mission. They worked so hard and encountered so many difficulties to establish our very first venture in India. May we always continue in that same spirit of sacrifice, dedication, commitment and vision of our First Fathers.


Fr. Joseph Van Leeuwen C.P

Fr. Antony Xavier Tharayil C.P

Fr. Dennis Murikanamkuzhiyil C.P

Fr. Welfen Xavier Anjiparambil C.P






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